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Office closed for a short break

Please note that we'll be open as normal Jan 4th. Online orders will be processed pretty much as normal .. with perhaps a small delay only.

Please note that our phones are not manned at all times.

We're regularly out and about helping our customers, so please feel free to use our 'chat' system or simply email us for detailed responses.

Exciting news

January will be an exciting time here at Pump Mansions. New pumps, super keen prices .. some really cracking deals to start 2018 check back often.

Maintenance Videos

If you have a Secoh pump we recommend watching our video guides.
We're sure you'll find it a useful few minutes of your time if you have any problems or are about install any spares to your pump. We plan to add to these .. but if there is a particular thing you'd like to see, please let us know.

High / Low Pressure Alarm Kit

Brand new to the UK, Secoh have produced a brilliant low / high pressure monitoring alarm system.

Excellent protection for your system, great idea .. every installation should have one !

buy yours here
Can we fix it? ...

Can we fix it? ...

Well maybe. We are now offering a maintenance/repair service back here at Parts and Pumps. If you don't fancy digging around inside your Secoh pump, or it's packed up and you are a bit baffled, simply get it back to us and we'll check it out for you.

Single Head
Full inspection/repair/service £40 plus any parts and shipping back
(Reduced to £25 for customers who bought the pump from us)

(excl VAT)

Twin Head
Full inspection/repair/service £60 plus any parts and shipping back
(Reduced to £35 for customers who bought the pump from us)

(excl VAT)

We create a report on the pump's problems and let you know how much it looks likely to cost to fix.

If it turns out to be beyond economic repair we'll dispose of it for you.

You'll then only pay for the inspection charge. HOWEVER .. If you decide to purchase a new pump from us at our listed price* to replace the unfixable one, the inspection/repair fee is waived entirely for existing AND new customers.

Currently approximately a 5 working day turnaround. We use this website to get reasonable courier costs. Ensure your full details are included in the box and pack it well so no damage can occur in transit.
* pricematch is not available on this option.
Top Tip ..

Top Tip ..

After a service or repair it's a REALLY good idea to use a compressor to push higher pressure air down into your system. This will reduce the chance of a restricted or blocked pipe creating back pressure .. Back pressure can make your pump run too hot and cause all manner of problems.

Price Match

If you spot a brand new, genuine Secoh pump, in stock, from a legitimate dealer in the UK cheaper, let us know and we will try our darndest to match the price.

We'd love your business, we'll look after you magnificently .. and we want you to come back in the future.

SLL & EL Spares

You may have gathered that SLL and EL series pumps are being phased out and replaced with the more efficient JDK series.

If you have SLL or EL pump installed, don't panic ! We plan to hold stocks of the spares for these pumps for a considerable time.

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SE2 - EL Service Kit (60/80/100/120W/150W/200W)

Kit contains : All the parts required to service the ...
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SE3 - EL (all models) Series Filter

Kit contains : 1x EL Series Filter Fits all EL ...
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SE24 - JDK (60/80/100/120) Diaphragm pack

Fits JDK-S-60, JDK-S-80, JDK-S-100 and JDK-S-120 pumps. Contains two diaphragms ...
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SE21 - SLL / JDK (40/50) Diaphragm Kit

Kit contains : 2x diaphragms vacuum sealed Fits SLL40 and ...
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