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Secoh Pumps

About the new JDK Series

The JDK Series offers the end user reduced power consumption (up to 30%) over previous generations, making the JDK series some of the most power efficient air blowers currently on the market.

Please note all Secoh pumps come with a EU plug. Our prices include an adapter FREE OF CHARGE

Compact and lightweight (small, light, low vibration design)
Highly durable (New design construction, less temperature ruse, longer cycle life)
Energy saving (Lower power consumption - up to 30% saving)
New Autostopper design (Helps reduce magnet offset issues)
Uniform spare parts (Modular design means JDK series utilise a lot of the same parts)
No requirement for grounding (on pastic versions)
Easy maintenance (No magnet spacers required on reassembly)
Designed for European Application Pressure (200 - 250mbar)
Service light (Complies to EN12566)
Signal cable version option available
Integral alarm system version option available

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