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SE15 Magnet - EL120 / EL150 / EL250W / EL300W

SE15 Magnet - EL120 / EL150 / EL250W / EL300W

Kit contains :

For EL-120S and EL-150S (single) / EL-250W and EL-300W (twin head) pumps

Please note it is essential the magnets are centralised when refitting (after a diaphragm change for instance), to reduce the chance of them becoming misaligned in operation. Please view our maintenance video guide (free download section) and ensure you use the nylon spacers correctly when refitting.

For the EL250W / EL300W (twin head pumps) you might need two of these kits.
Please note that replacement magnets may have plastic frames rather than metal frames

Price: 83.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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