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The SLL/JDK40-50 & EL Single (plus JDK60 and above) pumps are rated to at least 0.2 Bar, the EL-Twin (JDK250 - 500) pumps are rated to 0.25 Bar. We strongly recommend you buy a gauge and check it regularly. The BP1 gauge is a great tool which ensures that you are running the pump within its limits. Leave the gauge installed at the outlet of the pump.

Blocked inlet filter

The inlet filter should be cleaned regularly - at least every three months. If this is not done then the filter becomes blocked which causes the pump to strain. This will eventually cause the pump to stop due to over-pressurisation.
Ingress of foul air

Ingress of foul air

Your pump should be sucking in clean air. It may be in a box or a kiosk, or simply outside. Either way the pump needs clean air, wet or foul air will have a bad effect on the electrical components and may cause premature failure. Foul air from a treatment plant may have H2S gas which is highly corrosive and will attack the copper in the pumps electrical safety switch. Foul air is easily detectable by a 'honey-like' or dark sticky residue that appears on the inlet filter (see here for a prime example).

Bear in mind that pumps displaying signs of foul air (even if it turns out not to be the cause of failure) are not covered by Secoh warranties.

Ingress of water

Secoh Air pumps are certified as rainproof to UL1450. This means you can leave it outside but it does not mean you can submerge it…if there is a flooding risk mount your pump on a plinth, flooded pumps are not covered by warranty. The air pump should always be installed well above the water level line.

Forgetting to service your pump !

Pumps are often left running continuously .. this works out at around 8,736 hours non-stop use each year.

That's a lot!

Regular servicing and inspection is an obvious method of ensuring your pump lasts as long as possible. Click here to check the appropriate service kit for your pump and put www.partsandpumps.co.uk on your calender, ready for the next time.


Should the pump appear faulty on installation or following a service, the very first thing to check is the 'AutoStopper' switch which may have activated if the courier has roughly handled your consignment or if you have had a power surge when switching the pump on. (EL60+ / JDK60+) See downloads and guides. The switch is a sensible safety measure .. but has been known for this to make the pump appear faulty. If the pump should work but doesn't this is the FIRST THING to check.

Blocked diffusion

One of the most common causes of pump failure is due to blocked diffusers, especially when used in aquaculture applications. When using old diffusers or diffuser 'air stones' ensure they are regularly cleaned and better still replaced annually.

Important !

We do not accept liability or damages caused by pump failure whatsoever. Each pump installation and end user useage differs and is not under our control.

Whilst all pumps are guaranteed for 12 months from date of dispatch, the guarantee does not cover any of the scenarios listed above or any other that could be attributed to incorrect installation, inappropriate application or inappropriate use or defects in fed products (i.e. diffusion tubing, manifolds, outlets etc.,) over which we have no control.


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