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We gather some of our competitors are selling pumps off for silly prices but without proper maintenance, servicing and backup advice.

Well now .. there's a surprise !

We, naturally, look after our customers 100% .. but, sadly now .. it seems we need to look after their customers too.

Even if you have purchased your pump from somewhere else (sigh !?) we would nevertheless love to help you get the most from your Secoh pump (even from those ****** using OUR photos and videos on THEIR sites to 'support' their customers (we're not sure if we should be flattered or heading for copyright lawyers .. it's kinda funny really .. for the moment we'll go with the first option perhaps for now eh?) .. can you hear the teeth grinding?

Anyway .. A common questions we get from folks who have bought elsewhere is what do you need to consider, so far as ongoing maintenance periods, for your new Secoh pump :

Secoh recommend an annual filter change, washing it every three or four months - hot soapy water and ensuring it's bone dry before reinstalling it - to ensure it's as clean as possible .. that also gives you the opportunity to ensure the pump isn't exposed to the corrosive gasses that are common in a water treatment plant (which would show up on the filter as a residue of dark greasy / sticky substance). If you do have an SLL or EL series pump (including JDK40 or JDK50) it might still be worth considering an annual diaphragm change.

They also suggest changing the diaphragms annually, but to be honest hardly anyone does that .. usually waiting until a diaphragm tears. Though a cheaper option in principle there is always the risk the diaphragm failing can result in a damaged drive magnet. This is less likely in one of the new JDK pumps than the previous generation, as the internal autostopper switch has been fundamentally redesigned to make reassembly easier, and also to help reduce the chances of the magnet being damaged.

Hope that's a help .. please consider us for your maintenance parts in the future .. and .. if you need a new pump .. buy the darned thing from us so we can help you ! Our (original) VIDEOS are here and we create our own .. (ahem!).

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